Monday, October 19, 2009

14-20 Oct

Finally....PMR finished...
Wednesday last day went to school for returned text book.
Damn boring at school...after school we went to Sunway Pyramid.
then,went Sushi King ate sushi...
hehe...waiting for my salmon appears....(i need you,haha)
We ate til forty smtg plate only satisfied to paid money...kakas
After sushi,then shopping lu...
then we saw a cartoon garden.Quite fun at there.

xue yan started crazy.........

pictures was not complete....
(view xue yan blog to look for her crazy face :
haha...About 5 smtg then we back home lu...
a guy fetch us back...thanks a lot.
Xue yan,xin
mei,sook kuan and I busy and confusion take photograph at the car.xixi


14/10/09 funny day ends.

15-18/10/09 bored life....

19/10/09 story....
bubu went out with dear....

not so happy..cause always quarrel with dear...
i'm sorry....
xixi...dear want watch surrogates...

emmm....a bit bored and.....
fufu choose d...i think meatball tat 1 better than this lo.xixi
yaya...after watched movie,then back home lo...
again busy take photograph at car....==~~

Time inadequate...
so until here larh...kakas
wish all friends happy holidays oh..
expecting Genting Trip 8-9/10/09....^^

Monday, September 21, 2009

1 year anniversary

22th September 2008
bubu couple with fufu d day.zzz
thanks god let me meet with eu.
i meet eu when i was form1 only,
i recognized i just feel like eu r my bro,
but now...
eu r my fufu ad lu.^^
yesterday bubu went out with fufu lo.
watch movie,eat breakfast,buy in
gredients for....
haha.ofcourse is

fufu wan cook for me la haha

wah....a housewife cooking western food.haha and bubu was waiting eat.....

waiting waiting waiting....

ooppsss..can eat lu...very hungry wu.
damn delicious d lo.
fufu so pro ad lo.hahaha
everyday eat also wont feel greasy lo.

finished it then we drink wine...
i tot ytd really drunk....
after this fufu fetch bubu back home lo.

conclusion of yesterday:
but i dunno why fufu dun like tell me his feelings,
haiz...u dun wan tell how i know leh?
always like tat i really dunno how d wor.
u dun like quarrel then why u what also dun wan tell me leh?
but i very very very happy and proud...
u r my lou gong ya.haha sweaty.muackss
next year celebrates again yoh.xD

Friday, September 18, 2009


Unconsciously,i "fen kai"with fufu few days ad...
miss fufu so much.
tis few say fufu sms with me ve
ry cool lo.
haizz...but we promise fen kai 1week ma.
then tomorrow fufu will tell bubu wh
at fufu feeling ad.
haizz...actually i should happy,
but fufu treat me so cool,
i dun wan lo..
no matter how,i just wan
with fufu again.
expect monday go gaigai with u lo.
i hope can sweat sweat d lo. went sunway to find job.
haizz.hope got good news for me lah.
gambateh!!!! bubu.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

critical moment

Now was the critical moment for the PMR.
this few week must

i. study hard.
ii. memories
iii. revision
iv. serious

haiz.dunno dunno arh.much of pressure.
fufu also not considerate me.
always wan quarrel with me.
i just wan trivial life.
like tat also cannot???

this times trial exam result dunno what rubbish result.
what is this.?
why i always jittery when i was having exam?
who can teach me a good way arh?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

sing k again

oopss...went out sing k again ohz.
but damn boring cause not whole form3 friends also.haiz
and we spent rm110.40 for 3 person expensive.ohmygod

sorry Amy.lie u again.
i told u,will go church,but i din't.
sorry god...

i felt sad this few day.
because i felt fufu and bubu me always quarrel.
fufu i just hope,we can couple til longlong time.
i dun wanna sad.i hate cry.
all this please keep away from me.
i just wanna peace be with me.
i wan fufu.

i love this pictures
edited by bubu.
maybe i really not good.
but i really really love u.
i very cherish on our tender sentiment.
fufu.i hope u also.
u will love me til long long time mah???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sing k vs work day

Monday i follow my holiday plan,
super and I went sunway to sing k lu..hehe.

but we sing at morning time.
actually the time is 11.00am-3.00pm
but ms wong 不爽,because of the 张xx lah.

we need to go back on 2.00pm
aiyo...angry u d lo.

←_right hand sides_
this lad who was called 张xx and
made so many of "madness stormy waves butterfly"(狂风浪蝶) around him....

bubu and 沈老师

suk mun and poh shuen and bubu

suk mun,poh shuen,张xx,and I
also dun wan back home with ms wong.
then the
张xx tell us an ideas,
a stupid
-the last song we put:
(今天不回家)by 陶喆
=.=!!! swt d lo.
then ms wong nothing say just left us at there lo.
xixi.but fufu came find me and shopping with me,
so im sorry,cant acc three of you gaigai.

we back home at 5.00pm,
then the day of sing k ends.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Book Fair

Today we went KLCC and book fair lu...
all was quiet happy,and pleasant....
haha....and we take a lot of pictures...
《outliers》by Malcolm Gladwell,
《koizora》by YOH..
my "loot" hahahaha....

bubu and suk mun

bubu and poh shuen
eating loh.

pointing KLCC
hehe...funny picture.

sh......swt poses....